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MissTress Slip-On Halo Hair Slip
20″ Long
100% Human Hair
Install and Remove in just seconds
No heat, glue, no tools necessary
No breakage, tension or damage

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MissTress Hair Extension Halo Hair Slip is a quick and easy solution to adding the fullness and length and body without any damage and at a fraction of the cost of traditional extensions! The best part is they install and remove in SECONDS!!! No need for lengthy and pricy appointments at the salon, no painful installation and damaging removal . The MissTress Halo Hair Slip is Quick, Easy and Comfortable! It can be put in and removed by yourself within seconds.


The Hair Slip can be installed with a rat tail comb, or even with just your fingers!!! No tools, heat, glue, metal tubes or gooey tape! This Hair Slip has made hair extensions so much more convenient and affordable for any woman of any age. Weather your thinning, looking for extra length or wanna pump up the volume-this halo makes it all possible and SIMPLE!

MissTress Halo Hair Slip

• 20″ Long
• 100% Human Hair
• Install and Remove in just seconds.
• No heat, glue, no tools necessary
• No breakage, tension or damage


Just hold the hair slip on top of your head, place the wire 1-2″ behind your front hair line and slip on top of your head. (pull the wire with the pink ribbon to fit snug and make several knots. See our video on how to fit for further instructions) The weft of hair should fall on or just below the occipital bone (the curvature of your head in the back) Once your Hair Slip is around your head and snug, pull out your natural hair over it to conceal the Hair Slip. Style and Done! MissTress Extensions Halo Hair Slip is made of 100% Human Remy hair. Our extensions last from 9 months to a year depending on how often you wear for them and you care for them. See Care and Maintenance for a full description on maintaining a long lasting, healthy hair slip.

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